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A Pot-Infused Brewing How-To in Honor of 4/20

Based On reddit user brad1775’s post in the COBeer subreddit, brewing beer combined with a little Mary Jane results in some “brilliant tasting stuff”. Until you’re a homebrewer who’s reading this from a place where marijuana is legal, do not try this at home (had to say it).

If you do not homebrew and you’d like to find out more about this ground-breaking beer, we’ve created an useful FAQ right here.

So it’s going to make me barf, right?
No, it tastes great! This guy has worked at a homebrew shop, is a home brewer himself for many years, AND he currently works for a neighborhood edibles manufacturing company in Colorado. He’s got the best skill-set to create this magnificent.

You’d get the exact same high as you would ingesting an edible (like a bud brownie), because both beer and foods go during your bowels. Smoking your weed is really 2000-and-late.

Which type of beer will taste best with ganja in it?
He’s tried a complete slew of them, and has found any design of beer with hops in it operates best: IPAs and Imperial IPAs being perfect. Turns out that grass and hops are “near relatives in the field”, making them natural bedfellows in beer.

Is this technically a crime?
Since it is illegal to commercially sell a beer that has any drugs inside, then yes. This might eventually open the doors for authorized weed beer, if the feds shift their mind on bud being a dangerous Schedule 1 drug, but homebrewing is unquestionably the fastest solution to have some in your lifetime.

The recipe is below. It only requires 3/4ounce to generate a 5gal batch of beer. That Is about 50ish beers. You can throw one helluva home party. Even much better compared to ones hosted by Child ‘n Play.

What type of MJ was the beer made with?
Blue Dream is available widely, and goes nicely with his recipe.

How hard will it hit me?
Each 12oz beer is like eating the equivalent of a solid brownie. However, you might desirena just drink them on the weekends, as the impact continues 12hrs.

Whenever you’re ready to get brewing, just head on over to the recipe from

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